Wang Qiang’s Coach – I’m impressed with her work ethic

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Wang Qiang’s Coach – I’m impressed with her work ethic

Following her coach Peter McNamara’s unfortunate demise, US Open Quarterfinalist Wang Qiang recently started with Frenchman Thomas Drouet and the results have been nothing but positive. “My new coach has helped me to be more confident.

No matter if I play well or not, he'll be there to encourage me. He will be with me through the whole Asian swing this year," she said. Speaking to Drouet about his initial experiences with the Chinese, he said, "I remember when she started with Peter.

I was always impressed with the work ethic she had, the discipline she had, the respect she gave to her coach. When I stopped with my previous player, I put her first on the list for this reason”. He further added, "I don't pretend that I'm a magician.

I just have this discipline and this work ethic every day, on good days and bad. I felt she had this, naturally. When I started with her we really connected well”. When asked about Qiang’s qualities, he said, "I think she's the kind of player who has this capacity of analyzing, and on the WTA Tour I think this is a big weapon.

Secondly, her physicality. She's very athletic. She can improve her power a bit, of course, but these are her two weapons." Last year Drouet was nominated for the WTA Coach of the Year award for his amazing work with Timea Babos, helping her reach the World No.1 ranking in doubles.