Boris Becker: I see Daniil Medvedev winning a Grand Slam in 2020

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Boris Becker: I see Daniil Medvedev winning a Grand Slam in 2020

Former World No.1 and tennis legend Boris Becker was all praises for Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal, following the pairs marathon 5 set match at the US Open. "If there is a compilation of the best Grand Slam matches the best Grand Slam matches this year, the Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic would find pride of place.

The US Open final between Nadal and Medvedev would not be far behind. What a triumphant way it was for Rafael Nadal to end the Grand Slam calendar”. “Two Grand Slam wins, one final and one semi-final, plus titles he picked up at Toronto and Rome.

He is now just one slam behind Roger Federer’s 20 and looks poised to march past it”. He also was not shy of appreciating Daniil Medvedev, saying, “However, the new generation in the form of Medvedev matched the great Spaniard shot for shot.

The young Russian was confident and showed that he has a level when Nadal was serving for the match in the third set”. “I have always found Medvedev to be a special talent and it was amazing how he grew as the tournament progressed.

If he sticks to his team and also keeps his focus on tennis rather than the noise and madness of social media, I see this young man winning a Grand Slam in 2020 itself”. “He needs to get physically stronger and maintain that sense of humour”.

He also spoke about Nadal's performance at the US Open, saying, "As for the champion, Nadal rode his luck well in the tournament. He had an easier draw. That said, I have never seen a more nervous and tense Nadal in a Grand Slam final.

He would normally have closed out the match in straight sets, but his nerves allowed his opponent to find his way back into the match."