Stefanos Tsitsipas shares why he is taking break from social media

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Stefanos Tsitsipas shares why he is taking break from social media

Stefanos Tsitsipas explained why he is taking a break from checking social media channels. The Greek player said: "It was a complicated situation, so I decided to take them away from my life. They caused me stress. "I feel very motivated to train with the guys every day.

The environment in the team is unique, you do not find it many times in tennis. I hope it will be packed. It's a nice feeling to play in your country. When you are surrounded by a team, there is something more." The President of the Greek Federation Spyros Zania said Greece is very close to getting an ATP 250 event in Greece.

"It's a good thing. I would like to thank coaches who helped us with the preparation. I hope there will be other bigger tournaments in Greece so that the popularity of tennis gets bigger." On how he deals with losses, Tsitsipas said: "It has become easier with a few experiences.

Not just in tournaments but also with people. Talking to different people, analyzing things, I came to the conclusion I should be more just overwhelmed by the fact that I'm able to compete against the best in those big events and those tournaments and hopefully do well in a few of those."

On his French Open loss to Stan Wawrinka, he concluded: "It's in the back of my head somewhere. I still feel it. I still feel the pain of that loss. I'm trying to erase it from my memory and move on because there were players with similar situations in the career which affected their career.

I don't want to be that player. I want to be tough mentally, and I want to constantly improve, become better. I cannot let things like that get into the way."