Elina Svitolina doesn't plan to play mixed doubles with Gael Monfils

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Elina Svitolina doesn't plan to play mixed doubles with Gael Monfils

In a press conference in Zhengzhou, Elina Svitolina was asked if she plans to play mixed doubles with her boyfriend Gael Monfils. The Ukrainian player said: "We actually were talking about it a few days ago before I left to China and it's actually, we would like to play, but unfortunately you can play only the Grand Slams and the Grand Slams is, you know, the events where you want to perform really well.

And again it's very, he's been struggling with injuries a lot before, so even if I'm going to make him play with me, I'll have too much pressure to take this risk for him, because you never know when your career is going to end.

And you want to perform as good as you can and the Grand Slams is one of the tournaments that for sure it's the ones you want to do very good in. So, for now, I would say no." Asked if reaching the WTA Finals in Shenzhen would be more important, Svitolina replied: "I don't think that this year is more important because every year everyone is competing to be in the end year championships.

So I don't want to put this kind of pressure on myself. I know that for sure that the points are going to come off and I will drop a little bit, but you don't win that kind of events and then regret that you won them.

So you have to be really positive going into any tournament and try to be prepared as much as you can to try to play your best tennis. If it doesn't happen, it's not meant to be. So I always try to give my best chance to be well prepared and ready for everything. For me it's just important, every tournament I play is very important."