Now everyone starts looking at Bianca Andreescu, says Bertens

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Now everyone starts looking at Bianca Andreescu, says Bertens

Kiki Bertens was asked if she watched the US Open final won by Bianca Andreescu over Serena Williams. Bertens said: "I haven't seen anything of the match because I was flying here. So but of course she had a great run there, I think a great year so far.

The tournaments where she was able to play, she almost won every one of them. So, yeah, she's playing great at this moment. I think, yeah, we have to see like now I think everyone starts looking at her a little bit more and more media attention, so I think the next few months is interesting if she can handle everything, all the pressure.

But she seems like that she can handle anything, so, yeah, let's see." On her schedule, Bertens added: "I will play in total three events in China. So a little bit or one more than last year. Next week I have a tournament planned in Japan and then I play Wuhan and Beijing.

So, yeah, it's just nice to be back here, I would say, and just like prepare as good as I can for the last bit of the season." On her progresses, she said: "I've improved a lot, I would say, over the last two years by playing of course more on the hard and the grass court, and by playing really aggressive, we really practice on that, and, yeah, it worked out pretty well by winning my first tournaments on hard court, I had a final in a grass tournament at home, playing the quarters of Wimbledon last year helped me a lot, so, yeah, I think it's, with the growing of the confidence, but also with my level, yes."