Martina Navratilova speaks about transgender women in women's sport

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Martina Navratilova speaks about transgender women in women's sport

The question of how best to include transgender women in women's sport is "tricky", according to Martina Navratilova. The multiple-time Grand Slam Champion said, it's difficult because you want to be as inclusive as possible but you still want to have a fair situation, a level playing field, as much as that is possible”.

"By including transgender women in women's and girls' sports, now the women and girls that are playing, it's like 'wait a minute, I'm looking at someone that is much bigger, much stronger than I am, how is that fair?'" She pointed to different levels of "transgenderism inclusivity" in different sports, saying: "Some sports have rules about testosterone levels, transitioning and taking hormone therapy, and some only say self-ID."

Navratilova is against the idea of self-ID, saying, "the only thing that makes a difference, that decides whether you play as a female as a male" "It's about being fair in sports," she said. "Sport is about biology and I just want to make sure that girls and women that compete have a fair chance and they're not getting pushed out by somebody that's much stronger and bigger because they are transgender."

Navratilova said: "Women had to fight for the right to vote, women had to fight for the right to participate at all. We've come a long way but we still have a long way to go. We still don't get equal prize money or equal endorsements.

"Tennis is about the only one that has equal prize money at the majors. Women golfers don't make as much as male golfers; in fact, male senior golfers make more than professional women." But she saw a positive side to it, saying, “It's all changing, very slowly.

I think in about 100 years we'll have total equality - no, I'm kidding, hopefully it will happen a lot sooner. I mean, you saw the women's world cup. Now it's on the BBC and ITV full-on, you could watch all the games, whereas before it was kind of a footnote and maybe you saw the finals”.

"As we get more visibility and more people watch it, more money is involved and it just keeps snowballing."