David Ferrer: 'Fatherhood is complicated, but I enjoy seeing my son grow'

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David Ferrer: 'Fatherhood is complicated, but I enjoy seeing my son grow'

In an interview to La Razon David Ferrer spoke about his new life following his retirement from the professional tour. The Spanish player said: "I spend more time with my family and I enjoy seeing my son grow. Now my wife is back to work and in the afternoon I stay with the baby.

It's tough, never easy, but I definitely enjoy the process a lot." Is it difficult to play the fatherhood match? "This match is not easy. No one prepares you for this match, that's why it's more complicated."

Ferrer still plays tennis: "I like it. Even with my coach sometimes we play together. I also coach in the Academia de Tenis Ferrer. I stay somehow connected and I try to stay fit hitting with the kids. Now I am very calm. You do not have that pressure.

When you stop playing you lose many things like competing. But you do not have that pressure and nerves before playing, which makes me sleep much calmer." Why isn't the next generation able to breakthrough? "They are very good but they coincided with the best ever.

They have to go on their own path and their team will know why they cannot achieve that consistency." On how tennis evolved, Ferrer, who ended his career in Madrid earlier this year in May losing to Alexander Zverev, said: "It got more professional.

In the beginning, you didn't care a lot about eating regime or physio was, and it helped the careers to be longer."