Stefanos Tsitsipas: It’s a different energy on court during Davis Cup

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Stefanos Tsitsipas: It’s a different energy on court during Davis Cup

One of the rising stars on tour – Stefanos Tsitsipas was asked about what according to him are iconic Davis Cup moments, he immediately referred to the 2010 final between Serbia and France in Belgrade. “I remember Serbia in particular winning the Davis Cup, which meant a lot to them when they won it, with [Novak] Djokovic included in the team.

And for a small nation like Serbia, with not so much, let’s say at the time, great players, they achieved something spectacular and they brought joy to their people,” Tsitsipas said. Though he has had some fantastic records to his name when it comes to his nation, the zeal and enthusiasm is at a different level.

“I was thinking about it today in the match that it’s actually the first Davis Cup match I’ve ever played," he said. "It felt great, representing the flag, and making my compatriots proud of my performance today.

I really hope I get more great moments like this in the future”. Speaking about support he gets from the crowd, he said, “I don’t know, the people gave me a lot of support and I felt different actually on the court than I usually do.

And I really hope that helps me when I go back on the tour with some of the things”. “It’s a different energy when you’re out on court representing your country playing Davis Cup - people feel it more, people are much more emotional when it gets to playing in such an important event.

I really hope I leave from here with something good in the back of my shoulders”. Speaking about Olympics, the Greek added, “For us, it means everything, participating in the Olympics and for sure a medal. I really want to play Olympics next year, it’s one of my goals to make it.

Tokyo is a very special place and it happens to be one of my favourite cities in the world, and the vibes there are going to be awesome”. “I have a lot of Olympic idols. One of them is Pyrros Dimas, who was a champion in