The pre-match routine of US Open champion Sloane Stephens

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The pre-match routine of US Open champion Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens, winner of New York’s Grand Slam in 2017, unveiled her ritual before every match and shared some of her favorite meals along with a selection of the tournaments with the best food across the tour. Before any match, Stephens calibrates her tennis form with a practice session, gets her muscles ready in the gym, eats to fuel her body, socializes with her crew, gets advice from her coach, and listens to music.

“In no particular order: practice, gym warm-up, eat, hang out with my team, talk to my coach, listen to some @TheeStallion or @iamcardib”, noted Stephens on her Instagram account. Besides all the above, just before she steps on the court she does a very common thing.

“Just breathe”, the American advised. Regarding her pre-match diet, she likes to eat healthy carbohydrates or sushi. Some examples of healthy carbs are vegetables, whole fruits, nuts, oats, quinoa, and brown rice.

“For me usually something with healthy carbs. Everyone is different, so it depends on what food gives your body energy. I also love sushi”, was Stephens comment on her pre-match meal. Moreover, the former US Open winner named the two tournaments which serve – in her opinion -, the best food on the tour.

“Australian Open or Indian Wells”, were the American’s picks. If you want to find out how Stephens gets past the obstacles in her tennis career, check this article.