Simona Halep brings back Darren Cahill: “I’m playing to kill you again”

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Simona Halep brings back Darren Cahill: “I’m playing to kill you again”

Wimbledon queen Simona Halep announced that former coach, Darren Cahill – the man who helped her win Roland Garros -, will train her again starting from the 2020 season. The Romanian star announced the news excitingly to her social media followers.

“I have some exciting news to share with you. After a year without him on my team, I’m happy to announce that Darren will be back by my side next season”, said Halep. Darren Cahill left Halep at the end of 2018 because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

“After much thought and discussion, and many years with 30 plus weeks on the road away from my family, I’ve decided to take a 12 month break from coaching to be home more for support as our children enter important stages of their lives with the final year of high school, sports and college preparations all becoming more time consuming”, said Cahill almost a year ago.

However, Darren’s comeback is not such a big surprise as Simona spent much time on the court with the Australian coach, even if he was no longer her coach. With Cahill’s arrival, Simona made a clear statement that she has great plans for 2020, but she warned Cahill that it won’t be easy.

“So, D[arren], last time I killed you and I'm playing to kill you again. Welcome back! Can't wait to finish what we've started. See you soon!”, concluded Halep.