Karolina Pliskova reacts to Kim Clijsters coming back on Tour

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Karolina Pliskova reacts to Kim Clijsters coming back on Tour

In a press conference, Karolina Pliskova commented on Kim Clijsters announcing her return to competition. The Czech player, talking to reporters in Zhengzhou, said: "I know because I read in the newspapers. But what do I think? I'm not sure what I think because of course she has some age, I don't know if she maybe thinks that the level of tennis is not that great now, so she wants to, I don't know like why, maybe everybody's different.

So it's tough to say what she's thinking. But by having three kids and also she's, I don't know, 38 or whatever is she is. Of course she can still play, but I'm not sure which level. And of course after that can come injuries.

And so it depends on everything how she prepares, how she maybe starts the season, if she's ready to start. So it's tough to say and really tough because I never face her, she finished before I really started to play at a good level.

So we never played, so I don't really know which level she can play and how she was playing when she was so good. Of course I saw it on TV, so, let's see, I mean, good luck, of course I wish good luck, because she was always a great player, she's going to be interesting for a lot of people if she comes to Australia to play, but let's see which level she can play."

On her chances in Zhengzhou, Pliskova added: "So far for me of course I'm still in the draw, so let's be positive. So for me it's still a great tournament and there is nothing really, because I don't need much actually, I just need good food and a good bed to sleep in.

So that's what everybody needs in the tournament, because we're used to this life. So there is not much what I would really need. So there is nothing really what I would say that it's not working or that it's bad.

But of course maybe in the end of the week a lot of things can happen. I think the weather can be actually much better, but it's not something that you can change, I guess. So, but anyway for me so far it's a good week and I'm enjoying it. There is nothing that I would be really thinking that it's bad."