Daniil Medvedev: 'I often travel in economy class'

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Daniil Medvedev: 'I often travel in economy class'

In an interview with Sport Express, Daniil Medvedev spoke about the kind of air flights he takes during tournaments. The world No. 4 said: "I often fly in economy class. I do not see the point in paying more than 1,000 euros for two hours.

It's better to spend that money to put new tires on my car. It's just about priorities. In life, I do what I love and I like living this way. It's nice when a person can afford himself to do what he wants." On the US Open crowd booing him during the first week, Medvedev added: "In New York people love the show.

They went to baseball, American football. Even their teams are booed if they play bad. That's normal for them. But for us players, it seems something new. I needed to take this energy in a good way and try to win." Medvedev concluded: "I am not too superstitious.

There was a funny story in Cincinnati. I was looking at a player standing up and waiting for the shower stalls to be free. Despite there were five stalls, including two of them free, he was still waiting. But I do not think you lose a match because you did not have a shower in the same stalls."

For Medvedev, having self-belief is the key: "I already said in America that my wife wants me to be proud of myself and instead I am very self-critical. Even after losing the final, I constantly think about the match on my head and I think, I could play better.

But I have to praise myself for the job I did. Now I am convinced that when I am fit, I can beat anyone, or at least compete against. That's the main thing."