Daniil Medvedev shares how going to bed earlier helped him

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Daniil Medvedev shares how going to bed earlier helped him

Daniil Medvedev spoke about how he deals with off-court time and the progresses he made in order to improve his performance on court. The Russian said: "When I do not play a tournament, I totally disconnect from tennis and I do all what I want.

But during the competition, you have to go to bed early, don't eat cakes. It seems banal and easy, but the most banal things are the toughest things to do. How many people like going to bed at 2:00 AM and think that the following day everything will go well.

I was one of them, until at some point I started going to bed at 11:00 PM and I realized that I feel much better. Everything is about details. All I try to do during the tournament is to play better. I became aware of it step by step it.

I still remember when I met a nutrition specialist who would also care about my wellbeing. A person who makes you go bed early and explains you why. It happened before last year's pre-season. Little by little, I started doing everything he tells me and I started feeling better.

For example, when I was younger, before night session matches, I liked to go practice in the morning, come back to hotel and train again at night before going on court. But I realize I do not feel too well like this. Now, before the night matches, we just train in the evening and in the morning we just warm-up in the gym.

We are only trying to do what's better for me. I think the most important thing in sports is to keep trying to do what can be done better."