Daniil Medvedev reveals how he will spend his US Open Series prize money

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Daniil Medvedev reveals how he will spend his US Open Series prize money

Daniil Medvedev earned around $4 million playing in the last four tournaments where he reached three finals - in Washington, Montreal and US Open - and won one title, in Cincinnati. How will he spend this amount of money? The 23-year-old replied: "In life I do not care about too many things.

To be honest, I love cars. I will probably try new models of the same brand. But in general, me and my wife will think about how to invest with this money." Asked what's the key for him to keep playing at the highest level, Medvedev replied: "The fitness condition.

That's the most important thing at the highest level. It will reduce the amount of injuries. And in terms of tennis, you should ask my coach. We trust each other and he works more on what I need to improve on court. Coaching me is very difficult.

It's not I am a bad guy. I have a Russian mentality: if you tell me something, I will try to discuss, I will deny things, but in the end I will remember and I will do everything. So working with me is easy and difficult in the same time."

On his goals, Medvedev concluded: "For me, the first job is to always win every match I play. I want to reach the final and then try to win the title. I always loved competing in Russia, I got all my first best results in Russia.

I remember here in St. Petersburg, I qualified for the first time several years ago, then I got through the main draw first round and I lost to Alexander Zverev despite I could have at least won a set. As I said, I love playing in Russia. I hope there will be a lot of support, a lot of spectators and I hope to deliver my best tennis."