Jamie Murray: It was a great feeling to win again

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Jamie Murray: It was a great feeling to win again

For a fourth year running, Jamie Murray came back home from New York with some silverware by his side. This time around, is tickets home with British Airways were rendered worthless due to the pilot’s strike. Speaking ahead of the Murray Trophy which is set to start soon, he said, “I have been on a good run in New York, it has been good to me these last few years.

I like playing there, I like the conditions, I like the atmosphere and the environment and stuff. I like being in New York City as well. I just enjoy the whole package. We played really well in the semi-finals and final and I had a good run in the men’s doubles as well [with Neal Skupski] which was great for me and Neal for building confidence in the partnership”.

He further added, “It was a great feeling to win again, obviously, that’s why we do the practice and commitments and sacrifice, for the chance to lift these trophies. But we didn’t celebrate, we flew home that night so we pretty much just went to the airport.

And the thing was we lost our tickets because of the British Airways strike so we ended up flying back through Shannon”. “It was nice to get on the plane with the trophy but we didn’t really celebrate in style.

We drank some champagne out of the trophy and stuff but I was just too tired! You just take it on board with you and I was just glad to be home because it was a long six weeks”. He ended by saying, “It’s cool to have the Murray name on the trophy.

The fact we’re associated with it probably raises a bit more awareness rather than just being called the Glasgow Challenge and we’re glad to put our name to it. I want the event to go really well and people to come and enjoy the tennis and the experience, whether that’s kids or adults."