Jamie Murray hits at LTA over funding in Scotland

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Jamie Murray hits at LTA over funding in Scotland

Jamie Murray believes the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) have not sufficiently taken advantage of him and his brother's success. “Things could have been better over the last 10 years to make the most of what certainly Andy has been achieving," he told STV.

"Up here Tennis Scotland are trying their best to take things forward. You've got to be patient with planning, certainly for some of the indoor centres they want to get over the line to get built, and that takes time”.

He further added, "We haven't always had the best deal from the money that the LTA gets and how they hand that out to Tennis Scotland." And Murray believes those achievements alone should merit more money being pumped into Scottish tennis as a reward for the successes.

“I think Scotland deserves more funding, certainly from what we've achieved over the last however many years, going back to our junior days of playing," Murray added. "If you think about the Scottish players that have represented us in the Davis Cup and won ties, I would say they do.

We're a country after all, not a county”. "Also, we need to make sure up here we have a proper plan in place that's going to appeal to the LTA, [so that they can say] 'if we do give you this money it's going to be well spent'"