Leander Paes: I’ve always had a soft spot for the Olympic Medal

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Leander Paes: I’ve always had a soft spot for the Olympic Medal

India’s tennis legend and one of the greatest doubles players of all time – Leander Paes recently spoke about various topics of tennis in India and some of his personal memories. In an exclusive with the Millennium Post, he started with the how he sees the future of tennis in India.

“It's great to see so many sporting leagues come up in the country. It started mainly with the IPL but has now seen growth across so many other sports. The growth of one sport helps the development of sporting in general.

India is a vast country and we have the talent to excel in all areas. When it comes to tennis, I think it requires a lot of things to come together,” he said. Speaking about the importance of the Tennis Premier League in this he added, “But I do believe leagues like the Tennis Premier League (TPL) will help us get there.

Giving a platform for talented tennis players to shine, and investing in the sport, will definitely help further growth of the sport. It will also help get more stakeholders together and develop infrastructure for the sport at grassroots levels as well.

I myself am looking at opening a high-performance centre in the near future to help nurture the best talent from across the country”. Speaking about his personal best achievement, he said, “Well it's tough to pick because every win is special.

Record Davis Cup doubles wins while representing the country was a special feeling, and the latest big win. There's been 18 grand slams with a lot of special partners, and across a lot of key moments in my life. But I'll always have a soft spot for the Olympic win in 1996.

I grew up ironing my Dad's Olympics jersey, and to win an Olympic medal, and join that elite club, was an incredible feeling. To listen to the national anthem playing while standing on the podium is a memory that I will cherish forever”.