Bjorn Borg feels pressure at Laver Cup more and more every year

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Bjorn Borg feels pressure at Laver Cup more and more every year

Team Europe's Captain Bjorn Borg shared his feelings ahead of the Laver Cup. The Swede, speaking to reporters on Wednesday in a press conference, said: "You're feeling more and more pressure every year. I think especially because we have been doing really well the first two years, so we are the defending champion.

This year we have a very good team, a very strong team. It's the same with Team World. They have a good team, too. But it's going to come down, as the previous years, to I think it's going to be close matches, great tennis.

It's been for the last two years. But we're going to try our best to defend that title. It's a lot of prestige. I mean, the players, they don't want to lose. They want to win. You know, you can see both teams cheering for the players on the court.

So it's going to be a fantastic weekend." On the differences between him and Team World's Captain John McEnroe, Borg added: "He's more showing the emotion more than I do. I'm very quiet. But deep inside, of course, I'm nervous.

It's normal. But I don't show it. But I'm very nervous because I care a lot and I want to win. I want the players to win. I want the team to win. If you see I don't show anything, but still, inside I'm nervous. I'm happy to be back in Geneva, and to have Laver Cup in Geneva is great, but the stadium, what they did for almost three weeks to build that unbelievable setting, it's fantastic. You know, both the teams and the crowds that's going to come to watch are going to have a great time."