'Zverev is a total failure. Kyrgios is not consistent. While Medvedev...'

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'Zverev is a total failure. Kyrgios is not consistent. While Medvedev...'

In an interview the former Dominic Thiem's coach Gunter Bresnik spoke about the younger players on the ATP Tour. The Austrian said: "Medvedev, I told Dominic in February in Buenos Aires: 'Do not look just ahead of you with Djokovic, Nadal, Federer.

Look behind: Medvedev is coming' He laughed. Medvedev is smart, he has that Russian charisma, he is moving very well while the other younger guys are not there. Zverev is a total failure, Tsitsipas didn't play well in two Majors this year, Shapovalov can be dangerous because he has the weapons but he wasn't coached well over the last years.

Kyrgios says: 'I will never be consistent throughout a season, but just for one, two weeks' Dominic Thiem has the biggest potential, he doesn't have any weakness technique-wise, he can control the speed, last year he was closer to Nadal than Medvedev did in New York."

On his origins, Bresnik added: "I have four daughters, two sisters, a wife, I am from a female family, I can do very well with women, even if I never really tried in sports ever before. Mira is a good player, she trained at 12 years of age with me, some mistakes were made, now she plays well."

The 65-year-old Geneva native Alain Berthiaud spoke of the Laver Cup: "I was here for the first time to watch Fed Cup and Davis Cup matches, but it was less costy, it's great. We can see new doubles pair like Federer and Zverev which we would not see in normal times on Tour. And there are also former legends.'