Medvedev: 'I once earned 150 euros in an event because of fines and taxes'

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Medvedev: 'I once earned 150 euros in an event because of fines and taxes'

Daniil Medvedev is trying to be as calm as possible on the court but it was not always like this when he was younger. The Russian player, speaking during last week's St. Petersburg Open, said: "It's difficult to remember them all, there were a lot.

Less than some other players but there were a lot. I once got just €150 after taxes and fines. That was a good lesson but sometimes you get influenced by emotions." Medvedev also opened up on the difficulties of coming from Russia: "In some countries players have expenses covered by Federations.

In Russia everything is more complicated: a few courts, pullmen, difficult weather condition. Getting good results is difficult. Me and Karen Khachanov live and train abroad to get the best results. We love Russia." On his finger on his head during the third round US Open match against Feliciano Lopez, Medvedev concluded: "It's funny that my gesture got popular.

But it helped me to build a relationship with the crowd. I am not proud at all with what I did and I do not want it to happen again. But it happened. I knew I should have made an attempt to win, I told mtself, So you all are against me, I will not lose with you today.

I have been on the court since I am six years old, I hate losing any match. I an working on it, trying to turn it toward the right direction. The main thing is that this hate does not turn in a bad way."