Ana Ivanovic speaks about her new life, happy not to be on a plane anymore

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Ana Ivanovic speaks about her new life, happy not to be on a plane anymore

In an interview with Tennis Warehouse, Ana Ivanovic spoke of what she misses the most about competing. The former world No. 1, who announced her retirement from the professional tour in 2016, said: "I loved being on the court and competing.

Walking onto a big stadium like Arthur Ashe and hearing all of the support and love from the fans, it’s an amazing feeling. There are times when I miss being on Tour, but I’m also grateful to be at home raising my children and being with my husband.

It’s also nice not being on a plane once a week!" The 2008 French Open winner got married to Bastian Schweinsteiger in 2016. On how she sees the future of their kids, Ivanovic added: "We would love our kids to be interested in sports, but we will not put extra pressure on them to play a particular sport.

We want them to pursue their own passions, no matter what they are." On the advice she would give them, Ivanovic concluded: "Always stay grounded and be appreciative of those around you. No one ever gets to the top alone; it takes to support and teamwork from others.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when the spotlight is on you, and it’s great to enjoy that spotlight but to remember that fame and success is not the end-all, be-all." Ivanovic often posts photos featuring her and her kids in Chicago, where she and her husband, soccer star Bastien Schweinsteiger have been living for years.