Judy Murray jokes of being 'devastated' on Feli Lopez's wedding

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Judy Murray jokes of being 'devastated' on Feli Lopez's wedding

Judy Murray sent a funny, one-word tweet about Feliciano Lopez's marriage news. The Spaniard celebrated his wedding with Blanco last week. "Devastated," Judy quote-tweeted, who loves Lopez's off-court style.

In an interview Judy spoke about the coaching methods: “The primary aim is to develop the skill that we need to play tennis because it is a complex sport with a lot of movement. Our sport is difficult compared to others because you have a bat, a moving ball and a lot of ground to cover and an opponent who can put the ball in a variety of positions.

All of that needs basic learning and we aim to provide that. We look at tennis specific movement. The movement to and from the ball because in tennis you have forward, backward and side to side movement and often we can have that all in one point.

In addition, we will look at how to compete and a match situation and that has a winning and losing element to it. How to compete, with a recreational competition as part of the programme. It’s all about helping to improve at whatever level you are at and whatever level they can aspire to get to.

The underlying aim of everything we do is to have fun, to enjoy playing tennis. We have set out four targets for the camp." Andy Murray and Lopez played doubles at the Fever-Tree Championships in Queen's, and then again in Cincinnati. Lopez won the singles title at Queen's and the British-Spanish duo also won the doubles title there.