Medvedev: 'I didn't want to argue with US Open crowd. That's not my style'

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Medvedev: 'I didn't want to argue with US Open crowd. That's not my style'

In an interview, Daniil Medvedev recalled when he argued with the US Open crowd during his third-round match against Feliciano Lopez. The Russian player said: "I did not want to argue at all. That's not my style. I was like in the Taxi film where the boss says, We are in the shit.

I understood there was no way to leave and I had to win the match. Because that's points and money. After the match, they kept booing me, so I was like, It's okay. I wanted to joke with them but they got angry even more.

After the quarter-finals, it was 50 and 50 among the crowd. The interviewer asked what I wanted to tell the New York crowd. I said, Thank you and sorry. Half of the people kept booing me and the other half started clapping and shouting, Medvedev is the best."

Medvedev also spoke about when he took some sailes during a match in Barcelona earlier this year. "We have to win somehow. They said that it helps you in having lighter muscles. It actually helps. It was 6-5 third set, the match was about to end.

I thought, 'You need to do it'" In an interview, John McEnroe recalled his career: “People were saying that [in 1984] I was on the way to being the greatest. It’s easy to be a backseat driver. Instead of trying to move forward and improve my game, I felt I waited to see what other people would do.

That ended up costing me. I didn’t add to my game — change my forehand, hit it subtly different. You need to look to add something.’’