Nick Kyrgios: 'When I hit tweeners, I usually win'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'When I hit tweeners, I usually win'

Nick Kyrgios spoke about his choice to hit tweeners several times during matches. The Australian player said: "When I play well I serve and I hit tweeners and that's usually what happens when I win and then, yeah, I mean the reason I lost today was because I couldn't serve.

If I could serve, it would have been a pretty routine win for me, to be honest." On his doubles partner Matt Reid, he added: "He's my good mate. He flew from Europe to come here and play, so I just took some pain killers and I didn't serve, I mean I barely served 50 percent, I was just rolling my serve in.

And we almost won, so it's good that he has another opportunity to go out there and play and obviously it's good money for him, so I'm not a selfish person, so that's why I did that." Kyrgios also spoke about his schedule: "Obviously I got Davis Cup, I want to play Davis Cup toward the end of the year, that's mid November I think, so until now and then I've got a lot of time, I can rest, recover, get my shoulder right.

And, I mean, man, I haven't been home in almost seven months. So maybe a blessing in disguise, I'm not too sure, but, yeah, at this rate I'm not thinking about playing until my shoulder's -- or I don't even know what it is -- but until my front of my shoulder feels better and I can serve, yeah."