'Kyrgios will always create controversies, even if he gets banned' Caujolle

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'Kyrgios will always create controversies, even if he gets banned' Caujolle

In an interview to Tennis World USA the Marseille Open Tournament Director Jean-Francois Caujolle spoke about why Nick Kyrgios will not play next year's event. Caujolle said: "I asked Kyrgios to play in Marseille but this time he picked in Delray Beach and Acapulco.

I will ask again next time. With Kyrgios, it's better when he asks to play. He doesn't care about the money." Reflecting furthermore on Kyrgios, Caujolle added: "Of course he is not professional. He is a showman and it's good to have a guy like that.

You can fine or suspend him but he will always be a different and unique player, behaving like that. He creates controversies and he is sometimes disrespectful towards other guys but he, Monfils are good." Asked about his tasks in running an event, Caujolle replied: "Each tournament director has a different role.

When I started, I was doing everything and now I do less every time. My role is to be in contact with players, main sponsors, ATP, French Federation. I give some ideas." Caujolle recalled when Ivan Lendl once asked him to train at 5:45 AM: "He was arriving from Australia, it was my first year on the tournament and we had to open the venue at that time."

On the Lyon field, Caujolle said: "I would be happy to have Italians, Fabio Fognini and Matteo Berrettini. We have many Italians fans coming to the French tournament. That's our focus. Then we asked some Australian, Canadian and American players."