Wang Qiang: I need to be positive and aggressive

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Wang Qiang: I need to be positive and aggressive

Chinese No.1 Wang Qiang might have bowed out of the Wuhan Open early but she comes off a breakthrough performance in New York – reaching the Semi-finals of the US Open recently. Speaking to CGTN, Qiang said, “Yes, I love New York very much, so I think I really played good there."

Adding more about her game style, she added, "I have to just be patient, focus on the court, be positive and be aggressive”. Though a known face in Chinese household now due to social media, she still remains far from the virtual world.

"I don't know much as I don't see the news very much. So I just only like to be myself," Wang mentioned”. Speaking about Chinese tennis legend – Li Na, Wang added, "She was a really good tennis player, and she went far.

For me, I only try my best. If I do my best doesn't matter the result. I am ok with that." Though she has attained success on the WTA Tour, she also won two Asian Games Gold Medals in Jakarta last year. "It's very different when you play at the Asian Games.

You don't play for yourself but for your country. So I bring the confidence and the pressure into the tour. I think I can handle it on tour," she explained while describing the difference between her career on tour and representing her country.

Speaking about playing and coming back to China, she assessed, "I really like to play in China because Chinese food is the most important thing for me. I really love China, and I play here, everyone is closer to me, and that's the important thing for me.

I take the energy from the people." Within touching distance of a place in the Top-8, Wang is not giving up hope. "If I can be in top 8 I will be very happy. Even the tournament in Shenzhen will take place where I always train. So I will try my best to be in top 8."