'Kyrgios is a star, Wimbledon first week was interesting thank to him'

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'Kyrgios is a star, Wimbledon first week was interesting thank to him'

In an interview to Tennis Legend the former top ten player Marc Rosset spoke of Nick Kyrgios's controversial behaviour. The Swiss said: "I love this guy. Me, Goran, Marat or McEnroe at the time, were saying so many bad things on court just like Nick Kyrgios.

We would break so many rackets and do so many horrible things. I said things on the court which I am not proud, but there was not on the social media at the time and there were not so many cameras. Kyrgios is a star. He plays very well when he wants and when he plays for a team.

He has an amazing game. He is a real personality. The first week at Wimbledon was not that interesting but you turn the TV when there is a Kyrgios v Nadal match because it can happen something. It's bad and it's too easy to always fall on it.

ATP needs him." "I have a memory connected to Kyrgios in 2017. Against Roger Federer in Miami, one of the most beautiful matches I could ever see. 7/6, 6/7, 7/6, match points saved, crazy points. Wawrinka, how many rackets does he break when he doesn't play well? We never say anything.

He is just like me. When I started my career, I behaved the way I behaved, then I was seen as a birthday animal, rebel, because people want to hear from you and that journalists write about you. Now Kyrgios could be an example but will make headlines", he concluded.