Benoit Paire is the worst player competing in FIFA, says Sock

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Benoit Paire is the worst player competing in FIFA, says Sock

Jack Sock was asked by Tennis Legend who was the worst player on the Tennis Tour competing in FIFA. The American said: "I will say Benoit Paire. He is pretty good but I just want him to listen at it. Also Richard Gasquet. Make sure you read it," he said laughing.

Do they bet something on their parties? "We only bet dinners with camera services, but it's funny. We like playing." On his racket, Sock added: "When I was younger at a junior level, it was 25kg. Then I developed my speed on the head of the racket and I managed to reduce the pressure.

I was able to handle the ball better." On his great wrist strength, Sock added: "My coach Mike Wolf told me to take a very extreme swing when I was younger. From there, he told me that my gesture was a natural one, so I kept it."

On his results, Sock concluded: "As a doubles specialist, I trust my, you know, my abilities out there. I played for fun I think my whole career in doubles, but obviously the pick this year was to try to use some success I have had.

I'm just going to use the confidence I have had over the last year, two years in doubles." Sock was a top ten player in 2017 and he is now outside the top 200. He had a successful weekend at the Laver Cup in Geneva representing Team World.