Milos Raonic predicts when Bianca Andreescu will become world No. 1

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Milos Raonic predicts when Bianca Andreescu will become world No. 1

In an interview to PA news agency Milos Raonic commented on Bianca Andreescu's US Open title. Raonic was impressed by his compatriot's achievements. "Having our first grand slam in singles is something incredibly special and Bianca should be very proud and she got an incredible reception back home in her home town", said Raonic.

"I think she's top five or six in the world now and, with the way women's tennis is going at the moment, she has a pretty good opportunity to have the chance to strive for number one over the next couple of months."

Raonic also believes Andreescu could be world No. 1 in the future: "Definitely. I think it's a lot more open. I think you've seen a lot of different number ones over the last couple of years, especially with Serena not playing a full schedule now as a mother, and I think that opens it up a lot more for everybody."

Raonic also spoke about the several younger players coming up: "I've always seen it as I wanted to just be the best tennis player I can be. They all went at some point to that programme in Montreal and worked with the coaches in Tennis Canada that I was with before.

I think it gives you more of a belief that once they're telling you things, I think those words carry a bit more weight and you see it is possible as a Canadian to succeed in tennis, and I think maybe there is some kind of help with conviction and belief there but I guess it's sort of a repercussion."