Damir Dzumhur recalls the time where his country was involved in war

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Damir Dzumhur recalls the time where his country was involved in war

In an interview with AFP Sport, Damir Dzumhur recalled when his country, Bosnia was in the war in the 90s which forced him to go through some tough times just after his birth. He said: "On May 21, my uncle came to pick us up from the hospital and on May 22, the hospital was evacuated and then bombed.

We were lucky that we had someone to pick us up and we had somewhere to go for the first few months. I know that for my mother that was the toughest and the worst -- but at the same time the best -- the time of her life. You have a baby, you just gave birth, but you are in the middle of a war with nowhere to go and you don't have your husband with you."

Speaking furthermore about how the overall situation was, Dzumhur added: "Zetra was still destroyed, windows were blown out and one part was all burnt. It was barely warm enough to feel the racquet in your hand. "The first time I earned money in my life was from the movies.

Knowing where you come from and those days, those years, and knowing it was not easy to go through everything since I was young, it really makes you special inside. In the end, every sacrifice comes with a good end and a happy end."

The Bosnian War was fought between 1992-1994. The war was an aftermath of the breakup of what was formerly Yugoslavia after Croatia and Slovenia seceded from it.