Nick Kyrgios creates controversies to sell himself, says Bagnis

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Nick Kyrgios creates controversies to sell himself, says Bagnis

In an interview, Argentinean player Facundo Bagnis spoke about Nick Kyrgios's antics. Bagnis said: "He is a player who tends to do crazy things but on the other side I think he does it for marketing and to sell himself.

I like the style I carried on for my whole tennis life, which is respect. Pumping up is okay but when you cut the limit, no. I also think that Kyrgios is where he is and he has what he has because he plays in front of packed crowds.

If people say, We will not go watch Kyrgios, he switches from the Central Court to No. 14 Court and his career will not be the same. And on the other side sometimes you exaggerate criticizing him. I understand that tournaments want players like this one because this is how you sell sponsors and you hold a tournament.

But if you think of how Futures tournaments are, with professional players not living of tennis or that we playing Challengers have to do crazy things to break the even and earn a bit of money during the year when there is a lot of money at stake at ATP level, I think a lot about it.

The changing of the format that was done at the beginning of the year looked so bad because many players were influenced by it." Bagnis lost the final of the Buenos Aires Challenger this past Sunday to India's Sumit Nagal.

The Indian won in straight sets 6-4, 6-2. The Buenos Aires resident is currently ranked 150th in the world. His career-high is 55 in the world.