Medvedev: 'McEnroe came to locker room every day. He congratulated me'

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Medvedev: 'McEnroe came to locker room every day. He congratulated me'

In an interview Daniil Medvedev spoke about John McEnroe saying he can win seven or seven Grand Slam titles. The Russian said: "John worked at the US Open as a TV commentator, he came to the locker room every day and he spoke with players.

He congratulated me for the first time last year after that I won the Winston Salem Open. In tennis, almost everybody know each other and I am very happy to accept congratulations from people like John McEnroe or Boris Becker.

But I have to keep working hard. I have no guarantees of success. I will try to do my best to win as much as possible in the biggest tournaments." On his gamestyle, Medvedev added: "I can be defined as a creative guy only because I am trying to look for something new.

But I became the world No. 4 and without a certain talent you cannot achieve it. I had to work a lot too. I am unique for my technique and my movement. J like it." On his recent success, Medvedev, who will soon go to China to play in Shanghai, concluded: "I cracked the top ten in July and from then I gained six positions.

We can say it was nothing special. Another thing is to reach five consecutive finals. That's really crazy for me. Especially because two of them were Masters 1000s and one at the US Open."