Nick Kyrgios gets invitation from... pickleball

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Nick Kyrgios gets invitation from... pickleball

Nick Kyrgios got an invitation from Pickleball, an Australian governing body that organizes championships in the country featuring tennis, badminton and table tennis on a small court. The 1987 Wimbledon champion Pat Cash attended the event in the past years and now the organizers would like to bring Kyrgios there.

Sending a letter to Kyrgios, Pickleball Australia said: "We notice with great interest you are back in Australia to deal with your injuries and no doubt digest the ATP’s disciplinary findings. Let’s us say straight up we are huge fans of yours and can’t wait until you are back on the court doing what you do best.

In the meantime, we have a proposal to put to you. Seeing as though you are free, why not come and play in the 2019 Australian Pickleball Championship in Brisbane next month?" Wood said: "Nick’s had an eventful year and we think he’d enjoy playing in a tournament like this where the emphasis is on having a good time.

We won’t find things as strict with us as he does with the ATP. Pickleball is really taking off and this is Nick’s chance to get in at the ground floor." Yannick Noah spoke about the four-time Grand Slam winner Kim Clijsters returning to competition in the 2020 season.

The former French Davis Cup team captain said: "I was really happy in learning it. She loves tennis, she won everything, had children and looking at her physical shape she was probably happy in competing again. It's amazing.

It shows there is a second life, especially for women who had children. It's great. Money or No. 1 rankings position, it doesn't matter! Winning and losing is secondary. For us, when we went competing, it was like a party."