Daniil Medvedev changed a lot since he got married, says insider

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Daniil Medvedev changed a lot since he got married, says insider

In an interview to SuperTennis the Tennis Weekend magazine Director Mikhail Ivanov spoke about Daniil Medvedev's breakthrough on the Tour. Ivanov said: "Medvedev changed a lot since his wedding with Daria, who was a former player herself too, at least until 18 years of age.

He found a balance that in the past he did not have, and he was himself to admit it speaking to the press. The very direct mentality cannot really change but Daniil is having a consistency who until less time ago seemed to be far away, between thousands of ups and downs.

We Russians are first of all proud of Medvedev's results and we always thought that he could come far. But he did not believe he could become a top ten player, thank to his wife he changed attitude and now he is world No.

4. Daniil is first of all a very smart person, probably the smartest Russian player ever. He attended a math high school and then for two years he studied in Moscow, his native city. He has a brilliant mind and you can notice it looking at his game.

He especially plays with his mind, even if now he learned how to hit the ball very strong with all his shots." Speaking of Russia's chances in the Davis Cup finals, Ivanov added: "We are in the same group as Spain and Croatia.

Someone called it as the group of death, but at some point you do not know too well who will have to die. If I were in my opponents, I would not be that calm."