Andy Roddick admits he gets less recognition from people

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Andy Roddick admits he gets less recognition from people

Andy Rodddick was asked how many times he gets noticed by the people in streets. The former world No. 1 admitted that his popularity is decreasing. "Not too often. Every year post-career it fades a little bit more, and I travel a lot less.

So there’s only so many times the guy making coffee at your local coffee shop can mention anything before it just becomes boring for him. So, not as much anymore," said Roddick, who sometimes used to get nervous during the competition: "I would say that if a racket broke again, it was probably my own doing.

When I was a kid I used to get a kick out of breaking strings in my rackets because in my mind I thought it was because I was hitting the ball hard. It doesn’t happen as much as you get older and especially when you get on tour, you get pretty fickle about the way your rackets are, so you tend to break strings less."

Asked which former player he would like to face, Roddick replied: "I’ve played a lot of people in retirement. I’m trying to think. One person I was really happy to get a chance to hit balls with was Steffi Graf a while ago because most of the people I’ve grown up watching, I eventually got to play with at some point.

And she was on my bucket list, so I asked her to hit balls with me one time randomly, and she obliged. It was pretty fun for me."