Naomi Osaka criticizes journalists in press conference

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Naomi Osaka criticizes journalists in press conference

Naomi Osaka criticized journalists after her win over Caroline Wozniacki in Beijing. The Japanese player was asked about when she called her coach after the fifth game of the first set. Osaka said: "You guys know I have a terrible memory, right (smiling)? What did he say? He just said I was doing well.

Honestly, I didn't really call him for -- I didn't think he was going to say much. There wasn't anything he could say. It was what, 3-4, 3-2. I don't know, I think I relatively called him early on. I feel like the game just started.

It was more like an assessment of what I already knew. I just needed, like, a second voice telling me that. Can I ask a question? Am I allowed? Are you guys ATP and WTA? Is this like general? Like, why are you not watching the match? I would rather watch the match than be here.

Okay, whatever. Sorry (laughter)." On her season, the former world No. 1 said: "This year has definitely been very up and down. I mean, of course, Australia was great. Everyone knows Europe was terrible for me. Then the US Open wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as I wanted.

Okay, I can't say it wasn't bad. It was pretty bad. After the US Open, I didn't do anything, took a break, told everyone that I was going to do well here. I kind of promised everyone. I'm trying to pull through on that end of the promise.

So, yeah, still here somehow." On her preparation for the semis, Osaka said: "I sleep I wouldn't say worse. I just feel like my adrenaline's up more during the tougher matches, so it makes it harder to sleep.

Yeah, during Grand Slams I don't even really worry about my sleep because you have that day to, like, adjust. It's more like the timing now is a little bit inconvenient. For the most part, I normally sleep more than two hours."