Naomi Osaka jokes after Beijing win: My father annoyed me so much

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Naomi Osaka jokes after Beijing win: My father annoyed me so much

Naomi Osaka spoke about how it feels to win the China Open in Beijing after defeating Ashleigh Barty in the final on Sunday. The Japanese player said: "It feels good. For me, this was my goal. Like, after I lost in the US Open, I pretty much don't want to say I planned, but I really, like, meditated on it.

It just feels like I accomplished what I set out to do." Osaka also spoke about her father coaching her several times in mid matches last week. "He's annoyed me so much that it just makes me angry, and I use the anger as a fuel to win," she joked.

"The thing with my dad is, like, he keeps it very simple. He knows my personality because, like, he's my dad. Most of the time he doesn't even really say anything. He just waits for me to figure it out. After, we sort of talk about it.

He's not a very dominating presence. Like, this is the first time he watched my matches in a couple years, like in the box. He's always there, you know. But I don't think he can handle it. Like, not even just saying this, but he doesn't like watching my matches.

I think it stresses him out because he, like, twitches every time I hit a ball. So, yeah, I feel like after US Open I asked him, Can you please come with me to Asia? He said he'll take the role very seriously, but I don't think it's a long-term thing."

On the expectations around her, Osaka concluded: "I still felt like the underdog. Results-wise she's had a way better 2019 I think. She's ranked higher than me. People look at that going into it. Not necessarily current form or whatever.

I think you would have to really be into tennis to look at that. Conditions-wise, for me it's not really a secret, I love the heat. I was kind of sad when it started becoming colder. Yeah, I'm not really too much of an analyst so I can't say if the colder conditions helped my game. Is it supposed to make the ball travel faster? Yeah, I don't know either."