Naomi Osaka reacts to being named as the most marketable athlete

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Naomi Osaka reacts to being named as the most marketable athlete

Naomi Osaka has been named as the most marketable athlete of the year. The Japanese player, who is one of the ten highest-paid athletes as per Forbes, was asked to give his thoughts on it. "For me, I don't really think too much about that.

I let my agent sort of decide. Well, not decide, but he filters stuff out for me. For me, I just do what I've been doing for, like, 21 years, which is play tennis. That's the main thing for me. That's the thing that I've done every day of my life and what gives me the most joy.

I think, like, commercial whatever is something that I'll think about later on in life." She also commented on the China Open's weather condition in Beijing: "It's funny how different people are. Honestly, you can throw me in any condition, I'm so clueless I wouldn't be able to tell anything.

The only thing I can tell is if it's raining or not. It's just funny to me that you said she, like, perfectly described the conditions. Man, I don't know. It was cold. It was dark. Like, I did not see the sun. That's it, yeah.

I'm very clueless when it comes to stuff like that." On her tough start to the match against Ashleigh Barty, Osaka concluded: "I finished crying, like, I actually double-faulted on the point, but I did have a point to stay on serve.

So I just told myself if I stop being so dramatic I could honestly, like, contest it. I think that's what I did in the second and third. Honestly, I don't think I do too much when she slices. I just try to get it back cross-court. Yeah, I just feel like I played a returner-style game more today.