Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'I am off social medias. I feel great'

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Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'I am off social medias. I feel great'

Stefanos Tsitsipas spoke about how his life has improved since he left the social media channels. The Athens native said: "I am off. All these posts, they are passed through me but it's not me. So I'm feeling great.

I feel much more connected than before with people that I care about. I spend more quality time. I feel more like human and more like me than ever before. I feel like I can also concentrate more in the sport that I play, in a way trying to, yeah, spend more hours on the court instead of my phone.

I also feel very attached to the people that I talk to, and I always try to get the best out of it and not think too much of my other life, the social life, social media life, which at the time before took a lot of my thinking, a lot of my concentration.

So I feel much better." Tsitsipas also spoke about how he has progressed tennis-wise over the last 12 months: "I have been doing well since that time. A lot of things changed. I remember myself back then how young and how just, you know, innocent I was compared to now (smiling).

Yeah, good times. I actually think of them now. I was thinking about it few days ago. Back then I used to travel with my dad only. Now I have a bigger team supporting me. It's more like professional, I would call it. I have seen improvement in my game.

I have seen also growth in me, too, in my life and also in my everything. So I have seen changes, and I'm learning every single day. I can't wait to see how things will look in two years' time from now."