David Ferrer shares how his priorities have changed

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David Ferrer shares how his priorities have changed

In an interview to Marca David Ferrer commented on what his priorities are now that his career has ended. The Spanish player, who played his last career-tournament in Madrid next week, said: "My priority is my family. I have a son.

I will be with him and my wife. I would like to study communication, learn a better english, travel in a calmer way." Would he like his son Leo to become a tennis player? "What I would like is to see him do what he wants, anything within the chances his parents can give him.

I will definitely be connected to tennis but we will see how." Did he ever thought about what he would be if he were not a tennis player? "I did not have the time to think about it because at 12 years I was already playing.

At 14 I went to Barcelona. My life was always about sports and at 20 years I won my first ATP tournament and when you crack the top 100 rankings, it's clear that you will do it." When did he play his best tennis? "I take the 2012 Davis Cup tie against Czech Republic.

It was a very fast surface, away from home. That year I was the best out of my career. I won two points. Although we lost the tie, for me that's where I delivered my best tennis." On his future, he concluded: "I would clearly like to be a Davis Cup team captain, but I have to learn things. The more you know, the more ability you have to decide what you will do."