Gauff needs a team who can tell her what to do and what not to do - Schett

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Gauff needs a team who can tell her what to do and what not to do - Schett

The former world No. 7 Barbara Schett gave some key advice to the 15-year-old American Cori Gauff who reached Wimbledon fourth round, US Open third round, and won her first WTA title in Linz. Schett said: "It isn’t easy for her.

What I really like about her is that she has worked really hard to where she is now – she didn’t receive a wild card to be in the main draw – she had to work her way through the qualifying draw," she said about Gauff's run at the All England Club.

"I think it is important to have a good team around her who can help her deal with everything, what to do, what not to do." On what's next in the future for Gauff, Schett added: "It can be quite overwhelming.

I would advise her to not play too much, she can’t play more than 12 tournaments a year anyway at the moment, and focus on other things like school. I think it will be harder mentally rather than physically. Physically she seems very strong, fit and advanced for her age.

Mentally, last week she could just walk down the street but now she can’t walk around Wimbledon Village without being noticed and that’s a big change. There is no limits to what Cori can achieve in the game. There is going to be a changing of the guard on the women’s side, Serena Williams only has a couple of years left in the tank, Maria Sharapova is coming to the end.

Coco has the personality, she has all the shots as well. With her, I have no doubt she will be top 10, top five or maybe even a future number one."