Daniil Medvedev shares secrets behind his unique forehand

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Daniil Medvedev shares secrets behind his unique forehand

In a press conference in Shanghai Daniil Medvedev spoke about his very unusual and unique forehand. The Moscow native revealed the story behind his particular technique: "I do think that there were such people, but usually they don't say it to me.

They would say it behind my back, which is normal (smiling). But I should say, yeah, I always had coaches, a coach, around me, not talking about Gilles (Cervara) but before, it was from 6 to 10 it was one woman in Russia who taught me to fight like crazy.

Actually, her Golden Rule was "The one who wins the match is the one who made more balls over the net," which is easy to understand. And then I had one more Russian coach -- two more, actually, Russian coaches who were staying with me kind of from 10 till 18.

So I always listen to my team around me. If they would tell me -- for example, I changed my forehand a little bit when I started working with these two coaches, because they said that they think my forehand was not good. So if, for example, tomorrow my coach tells me we need to change something completely, I would definitely think about it. But if somebody not from my team, I would just say, Okay, it's your opinion."