Karen Khachanov shares how love story with his wife started

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Karen Khachanov shares how love story with his wife started

In an interview to GQ Russia, Karen Khachanov spoke about how his love story with his first girlfriend and then wife Veronika started. Khachanov said: "I have been knowing Veronika since I was eight years. Our parents were friends.

Then she also trained with me in the same tennis club from 13 years of age. And we were speaking no stop. That's where I started dating her and in 2016 we got married." Asked who comes with him in competition during the year, Khachanov added: "The coach always comes with me in all the tournaments.

Fitness trainer - time by time. We usually discuss in what tournaments he needs to come, usually 10 or 12 weeks a year. Also a physioterapist and a massage trainer are with me 20 weeks a year." Asked how often he trains a day, Khachanov replied: "If that's a training week, then my day is like in an office.

At 9:00 AM I start playing tennis for around two hours - two hours and a half. Then fitness for two to three hours. Lunch. And then I play for some hours. I train until 6 or 7 PM. How intense, the coach decides it. Everything depends on the time during the year. You may have to focus more on the game, so the coach will add more tennis."