Coco Gauff: 'This is just unreal. I have had a lot of luck'

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Coco Gauff: 'This is just unreal. I have had a lot of luck'

Cori Gauff was not even supposed to play the main draw Linz Open as she had lost in the final round of the qualifying draw before eventually getting back as a lucky loser. The 15-year-old has now reached the final. "This is definitely unreal, my first final on the WTA.

Linz is my special place. Not even in juniors did I ever get into something as a lucky loser -- now I'm in the final. I've had a lot of luck and happiness here", admitted Gauff after her win over Andrea Petkovic in the semifinals.

"This is crazy. I thought I was out in qualifying and now I'm here. This was one of the highest-level matches I've played. Andrea hit a lot of winners and put pressure on me. I was fighting for every point, even at break points down, I just tried to get the serve in and make her play a point."

On hitting a lot of drop shot winners, Gauff added: "I'm not the most confident with it but it worked well today. I think I'll keep using it until it doesn't work so well anymore." Gauff also spoke about her relationship with Catherine McNally who she played doubles with at the US Open: "For me, our friendship is great.

I'm a little bit annoying. Like today, I had so much energy before our match, I was, like, talking so much to Caty. She was kind of listening but not really. But on court, I mean, I think it shows that we have good chemistry.

A lot of the times I know what Caty is doing without us even communicating to each other. I think that's really hard to I guess teach or learn. I think that's just maybe because we're the same age, I don't know. I think having a relationship off court definitely helps us on the court."