Daniil Medvedev shares funny story about him and his wife

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Daniil Medvedev shares funny story about him and his wife

Daniil Medvedev spoke about his wife Daria's help on his career. The Russian said: "I have this funny story that one year ago, one year and one month ago, in Washington, before the tournament, I was practicing with Lucas Pouille.

I was doing my best. I was a little bit jet-lagged so didn't play my best, but I was trying to win the set, the practice set. I was losing 6-0. My wife was there, and she was always telling me -- I was like at this moment 60 or 70, and she was telling me that I'm going to be top 10 soon, that I can play good and stuff like this.

And so during the practice I was looking at her and saying, Good top-10 player here, losing 6-0 in practice. And now it's her turn. She always remembers me this. So what you said in Washington one year ago, Daniil? Can you remind me? That's why I think she believes in me more than I do."

Speaking about his school skills, Medvedev added: "I was not good in physics, but I was studying in mathematics, physics, lesemme (phonetic). I don't know. In Russian it's called like this. So in school where mathematics and physics is kind of the main discipline.

So I wasn't good in physics but I was good in mathematics. Yeah, I do think I have a smart game play, because I do think that I don't have some arms that other people may have. Like even talking about the serve, I improved it a lot, but for example, I cannot serve 230.

I don't know why, but I cannot do it. So I have to play with my game. And as I say, I started to understand my game much more and trying to mix things up, trying to choose the best shot possible in every situation. I think, if I make these results, it means that I can play smart."