Flavia Pennetta suggests new coach for husband Fabio Fognini

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Flavia Pennetta suggests new coach for husband Fabio Fognini

Flavia Pennetta and Francesca Schiavone had an interesting conversation together on Sunday night in an event held by Gazzetta dello Sport. Pennetta told the 2010 French Open winner: "I would like you to coach my husband," she said referring to Fabio Fognini.

"Together, you would be perfect." Schiavone replied: "Your husband is the one that has the real talent in your family. He can catch you and he can win even more than you." Pennetta said: "I do not think so.

Fabio and Francesca are very similar: they keep everyone far away from them, but off the court, they are so sweet. That's why I say she would be perfect as a coach." On the relationship with Schiavone, Pennetta added: "We grew up together, she was my reference point.

I was achieving a result, she was achieving it too. We got closer and far away many times, but only now we are figuring out our friendship. I still remember the 2008 Beijing quarter-finals when I won," Francesca added: "I did not speak to you for three days."

Pennetta finally commented on the Italian tennis which doesn't feature great players on the women's side: "Now there are successful men, it's a different time but we will definitely have great women again.

You need to be patient, build from the start and everyone will need to go through her way. It's just about the men now and you have to praise them because for years we were a success."