Elina Svitolina speaks about eating regime, says she drinks

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Elina Svitolina speaks about eating regime, says she drinks

Elina Svitolina commented on her training and eating regime. The Ukrainian said: "It has seven or eight different aspects: yoga, strength training, cardio, on court technique, muscle training, breathe training. This last one is particularly important for a tennis player because we have to breath correctly and so give the body the right quantity of oxygen.

During the match, the body deals with a lot of nerves and breathing helps you to find a balance. There are many combinations for a fitness routines. My coach has full control of it and he always picks the best option" She added: "I drink four or even more liters of water a day.

We are constantly giving the body a big workload, while water helps you to regain strength, it influences your amount of muscles. If there is not enough water on your body, there could be cramps or other things. I train a lot so I do not want to ruin my routine because of my eating regime.

You can eat cakes being careful. I only do it in the morning after intense training." Speaking to the press at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow, she added: "I hope to play a couple of matches here. Today I got good news that I qualified in Shenzhen, so I am feeling happy.

I try not to get too far with my mind. Here every match is important here for me, every match is special and so I need to give my best from the first to the last one. I hope to win the title. The win is always a priority for me.

As for my physical shape, I feel better. I had a week off after Beijing. I played many tournaments over the last year and over the last months because of the Race to Shenzhen. Now I feel a bit better mentally. There was a lot of pressure to crack top 8, which was a goal of mine so it took a lot of mental energy out of me.

This year I do not think about the rest because I know that men's tournaments will finish later and when I end my tournaments, I will be more with Gael. So for me, that's not the end. And then I am a very active person so I cannot just stay on the sofa and not do anything.

I will be in Europe, I will keep being fit. I think a high-level athlete should always be fit. It will just be a short break from tennis, but I will still do fitness and I will try to heal from my injury so the job never ends."