Daniil Medvedev will become world No. 1 next year, says Vikhlyantseva


Daniil Medvedev will become world No. 1 next year, says Vikhlyantseva
Daniil Medvedev will become world No. 1 next year, says Vikhlyantseva

The WTA player Natalia Vikhlyantseva predicted that more success is set to come for Daniil Medvedev after winning the Shanghai Masters. Vikhlyantseva, speaking at the Moscow's Kremlin Cup, said: "The main thing is that he is injury-free.

It looks like that next year, after the grass-court season, Daniil will become world No. 1. Someone may give up after so many wins, relax, get injured, but Daniil keeps working he doesn't stop. He is an amazing guy! Someone after so many finals could feel too excited but not Medvedev.

It is worth to take those players as an inspiration. You watch his game and you feel joyful. When many Russian players are at the top, we can just be happy about it. Our sport is becoming much more popular. It's very good that the US Open final was shown on the country's channel.

That's very rare but there is a progress." Reassessing her season, Vikhlyantseva added: "The season is quite good. Of course, there were ups and downs.It is difficult to maintain such a level so that everything is always good and there are only victories in a row throughout the season.

I like the way my season is going, there are only a couple of tournaments left, so I want to give it 100 % and leave it all on court. Because then we will already be preparing for the next season. On her expectations ahead of the Kremlin Cup, where she reached 2017 semifinals, Vikhlyantseva concluded: "You never know how the tournament will turn out.

When I came to the «VTB Kremlin Cup» in 2017, I was one of the last to get into the main draw.I played match after match and everything worked out fine. Last year I had to pass through the qualification rounds - three difficult matches that I won in a row, but in the first round of the main draw I lost to Alizé Cornet over a close match.

So, it’s hard to guess what will happen this year. Everything should coincide: you must be on top of your shape, n element of sports luck also matters, excellent conditions and good mood are important as well. And then you need to add on your own and look at the result."

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