Daniil Medvedev: I want to win more tournaments

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Daniil Medvedev: I want to win more tournaments

In an interview with CGTN, in-form Russian Daniil Medvedev spoke about his plans going forward, saying he is looking to win more tournaments in times to come. The Russian, who is presently ranked No.4 on the ATP Charts won his fourth title of the year in Shanghai.

This final was Medvedev’s sixth final on the trot, out of which he has won three. Asked about this season's performance, Medvedev said, "Looking back at last year, for example, I would have said at the beginning of the year that it would be tough to make some explosion because I was already close to being Top 10.

But I know I need to continue working to maintain this level, we see many players who can drop, and of course, here I have to take an example of the big three, big four, with Andy, and the way they were throughout the years consistently."

Talking about his hopes for this future, the Shanghai Master Champion said, "Hopefully I have a lot ahead of me, I want to continue working to see actually what life brings me because we can never know. And I want to be higher in the overall rankings.

I want to win more tournaments. But it's not easy, I'm going to do my best to see what tennis has got for me."