I do not expect to be a top ten player again, says del Potro

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I do not expect to be a top ten player again, says del Potro

Juan Martin del Potro spoke to ESPN about his expectations in attempt to be back at the highest level. The former world No. 3 has withdrawn from Stockholm and Vienna tournaments, he is unlikely to ask a wild card to Paris Masters organizers as he is still training on clay.

Del Potro said: "I do not expect to be on the top ten again after all the problems, it's not easy to repeat a similar year but you never know. If I am still in a good shape and I am feeling healthy, I can feel strong again.

I am older but I can play a good tennis and that's my motivation." Del Potro recognized that enjoying time with his friends in his native city, Tandil, is what he loves the most: "These guys are amazing with me, they support me all the time and when I can spend time with them, I am there.

We have fun before travelling and we always enjoy ourselves." On the controversial situation happening in the Player Council with a lot of players resigning and Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer coming back there, del Potro concluded: "I don't know too much about that.

What I say before, I have been dealing with all my problem in the last month but more, as I say, we need people that wants to work for us and they have to be clear and they have to be smart and take better decisions for the tennis, the tennis life, the tennis tour.

I don't know who is going to be working in the future for us, but they have to be ready and prepared for that places."